Bane’s Bulletin: Paws Up for Smartphone Connectivity

Bane, the office mascot, shows how easy it is to use an iPhone app to control your hearing aids, internet-connected home, and more!Pawffice Manager Bane here. I’m exfur excited to tell you about smartphone connectivity, which adds a whole other dimension to connecting with your world through the power of hearing aids. It’s even easier than sniffin’ out treats — Ha! I can do that in my sleep! — so here’s a quick o-fur-view to get you up and chasing, er, running.


Why Smartphone Connectivity Matters

Glad you asked. With humans always on the move, smartphones and other mobile devices have become popular ways to watch shows, listen to music, and enjoy face-to-face conversations. I even howl a few amewsing tales at my pen-pal cat during weekend video chats. No kitten, though — he’s fur-ever missing the jokes. Sigh.

Because hearing aids and smartphones are such an important part of communication, it just makes sense that they work together to help em-paw-er you in your everyday life. That’s why leading hearing aid manufacturers have been hard at work helping you go wireless by developing made-for-smartphone hearing technology.


How Smartphone Connectivity Works

One of the big ways that made-for-smartphone hearing technology has made a difference is by fur-cilitating easier listening directly from the phone to your hearing aids. Your hearing aids — acting as headphones — can receive audio from your smartphone wirelessly. Another way to describe this is “streaming.”

The concept isn’t new. Accessories that let you stream audio from your TV, stereo, or other media device to your hearing aid have been around a while. But now smartphones themselves can serve as:

  • Portable streamers sending content right to your hearing aids
  • Remote controls for your hearing technology settings
  • Portals — via apps — to access other exciting capabilities within your hearing devices


What Smartphone Connectivity Can Do

Made-for-iPhone (MFi) hearing aids, offered by most major hearing-technology brands, make it easy to take advantage of your iOS device’s capabilities to help you better engage with your world. After pairing and connecting your Bluetooth-enabled MFi hearing aids with your iOS phone, for example, you can use the phone to:

  • Stream calls, music, TV shows, and other audio straight to your hearing aid.
  • Automatically switch audio between iOS devices such as a smartphone and a tablet.
  • Control the volume and other selected settings for one or both of your hearing aids.
  • Check your hearing aid’s battery life, which can help you keep the power from running too low.
  • Activate the built-in Live Listen feature that turns the phone into a mic you can point toward the person speaking — especially in noisy spaces — to send audio directly into your hearing aid.

Connectivity also extends to the world of apps that work in tandem with compatible iOS or Android devices and hearing aids to help you accomplish some unpawlievable things:

  • Activate your lights, home alarm, smart thermostat, or other internet-connected services or devices by simply powering your hearing aids on or off.
  • Find your hearing aids — if misplaced nearby — by activating an electronic search tool that can show where the app last detected the devices or possibly display a signal where they currently are.
  • Geotag your hearing settings by bookmarking them to your favorite locations — a special restaurant, for example — so the app automatically remembers your preferences for that spot.
  • Request updated fine-tunings of your hearing aid from your hearing-care specialist, without an office visit — talk about comfurt and convenience!
  • Track your physical activity, hearing aid use, social engagement, and other data — using built-in sensors and artificial intelligence — to make informed decisions about your health and fitness.
  • Easily communicate — through built-in translation capabilities — with someone speaking in a different language!

And paw-nder this: One mobile app works with your compatible hearing aid to not only detect a fall but to also alert your loved ones or other preselected contacts, giving you — and those who care about you — extra peace of mind.

When it comes to connectivity, the pawsibilities are endless, so don’t miss the chance to experience it up close. Contact my favorite audiologists at Eastpoint Audiology — Dr. Melanie Driscoll and Dr. Kristin Lenz — for your free technology demo today!

Love and off-leash parks,


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